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Specializing in fast paced image enhancing real estate sign installation & removal services.

About Us
PTSS (Post Time Sign Services, Inc. was started by Brian and Samantha Tetlow in the spring of 1996 as a part time family business. With increasing demand of the services we were providing to our demanding clients in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, the word of our excellent services spread rapidly. In the late 90's and early 2000 PTSS grew into DC and VA. Today, our company is one of the fastest growing real estate sign installation companies in the tri-state area and we remain dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest, most reliable sign installation services available. We now have in place a state of the art program system designed to meet the needs of the top producing real estate brokerages in the tri-state area.

Now serving over 1800 Clients in MD, DC, and Northern VA.

At PTSS Inc. We understand the importance of how A fast, dependable sign installation company can be to a realtor. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing our clients with clean, freshly painted professional looking sign posts. Installed firmly in the ground, plum and level!

We always take the time to asses the property upon arrival to assure that your sign is placed in the most visible location. We always pay extra attention any special instructions provided by the ordering agent so the job is done right the first time.

Using a yard arm post is key, in insuring that your sign is seen by having your sign off the ground, high enough so it can be seen over parked vehicles, trees, bushes and other obstructions unlike a metal frame push in sign.

We have a verity of different types of post to meet the needs of special circumstance sign placements. Please click on ADDITIONAL SERVICES to view different types of sing post that can meet your needs.


Thank you for your interest in our services. We are sure that we can provide you with the most reliable and economical realtor sign services in the entire area. At Post Time Signs, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the fastest and most professional sign installation service available. Below is a list of information that will assist you in answering any questions you may have about our service. After you have agreed to our terms and conditions and establish your account. We will then send you a custom order form designed for your account. Please make a number of copies so they will always be at your disposal if you choose to fax your orders. When you have filled out a sign placement request and you have faxed or e-mailed it to us for installation, please keep the original installation form in your listing file and refax or e-mail the original form when you need the sign removed. You can do this by simply circling removal and write in the time and date of your order. This will assist you in not having to fill out another request form, just to have your sign removed. PLEASE NOTE: (YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN ORDER FORM THAT WAS PROVIDED TO YOU BY US AS ALL ORDER FORMS ARE DESIGNED FOR SPECIFIC ACCOUNTS)


Our sign installers work 7 days a week, year round, except for legal holidays. All installations will occur within 72 hours from the day that your order was received. (72 hr. days do not include Sat. and Sun.) All orders received after 5:00 pm will go on the following days. Removals will occur within approximately 72 hours from the time that your fax was received, weather permitting.

You will be charged per your agreed amount to your Visa or MasterCard that you provide to us. This price includes the installation and the removal of each sign. (This does not include any service calls, out of area or missing post charges that may occur.) (Extra charges if necessary will also be charged to your Visa or Master Card) *Incorrect information on order form or not making the form legible will result in an extra charge to you. PLEASE FILL OUT CORRECTLY AND MAKE LEGIBLE.

WAREHOUSING; Our warehouse and office are located at 22900- A Whites Ferry Rd., Dickerson, Md. 20842. All of your broker signs, personal name riders, and sign accessories are warehoused at no charge to you. All of your sign installation accessories will be attached at no additional charge, if they are provided to us prior to placing your order. You must be specific as to the items you want placed on each order. All items requested are placed on your sign at no charge as long as they are in our possession or left at the property for us! (We Do Not provide your sign panels. You must provide us with your own sign panels and accessories prior to any sign orders placed if you choose for us to store your signs and accessories.)


Please Note: There will be a charge of $48.00 for all missing or destroyed sign post and for failure to fax removals of sign post after listing expires or after closing date. All posts are only to be installed or removed by Post Time Sign Services, Inc. contractors. Moon lighting our posts is not acceptable and will incur a charge.

Refunds and credits are only given if the job is canceled prior to our installer arriving to the property in which the sign service was ordered.

Office: 301-349-4130  Fax all orders to: 301-349-2999  E-mail: Info@posttimesigns.com
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